Marvin Thiel


Patching Flowers

A platform for experimental electronic music.

Patching Flowers started in 2020 as a platform to release music that my friend and I made. Being interested in synthesizers and a similarly experimental approach in making music, we quickly gathered many releases which can be found on

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Coffee Recipes

Calculator for specialty coffee recipes.

I moved to Leipzig around the time specialty coffee did. Learning to prepare coffee with more attention to beans and recipes changed a lot for me. I also made many friends along the way. is meant for trying out and tweaking recipes without having to do ratio and weight calculation by hand.
Svelte project with my friend @megamanmalte.

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A tape editor for the teenage engineering OP-1 synthesizer.

I have a large collection of tapes recorded on the OP-1. While it's not impossible to play them back on the computer, dragging them into the audio workstation and figuring out volume and panning every time can get quite annoying. I wanted to make this easier. Reels allows you to preview your OP-1 tapes and it will keep track of your per-track volume and panning settings. You can easily open any of your tapes and play them back with the same settings that you used last time. Reels also makes it easier for you to continue working on your tracks in the DAW of your choice. Just select "Export Regions to Separate .wav files", import it into your DAW and edit it like you would on the OP-1. Reels enables you to get access to all takes and splits on your tapes.

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A modifiable racing game made with the Blender Game Engine.

The racing game Re-Volt sparked my interest in programming. The game supported user created content which motivated me to create tools that enable players to add their own creations to the game.
BriZide is an experiment to take this one step further. In addition to custom levels and vehicles, game modes can be added to the game in form of Python code.
The game features anti-gravity ships, similar to those in WipeOut. BriZide adds omni-gravity to the concept which shifts with the player's point of view.

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Other things that I made:

A few years ago I set up my own photo lab so I could develop 35mm films and make prints of my photos.

I've been recording and publishing music since 2020. My album Timbres was featured on Bandcamp and Lullabies for Friends was included in a synthesizer radio show. In addition to digital releases, my music is available on reused cassettes.

Re-Volt got me into programming and 3D modeling. As a result, I programmed an import and export plugin for Blender that allows user to modify and add content to the game. I also contributed to RVGL, the community patch of the game.